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Research & Marketing

Studies and techniques

The objectives to be met define the methodological approach as well as the adequate techniques for each requirement. Qualitative and quantitative designs, with their wide array of techniques, make up the tools that our professionals use on a daily basis It all has to do with the Researcher

Quantitative studies

• Face to Face Interviews (home/ intercept / central location)
   – CAPI (Assisted with pc´s / tablets)
• Telephone Interviews (CATI) – Inhouse call center with 20 positions
• On Line Interviews: WEB (CAWI) – Mail
• Mystery Shopping
    – Hidden camera
    – Mystery Call
    – Mystery Web

Qualitative studies

• Focus Groups
• Creative workshops
• In-depth Interviews
• Ethnographic Interviews
• Desk Research

Types of studies

• Customer Satisfaction
• Human Resources Satisfaction
• Market segmentation
• Market Dimensioning and Market Share
• Elasticity and price sensitivity
• Product design
• Product tests
• Packaging test
• Sales audits of products and services
• Advertising Post-test and Media exposition
• Desk researchs
• Advertising Pre-tests and Post Tests
• Pre-tests of logos and brand names
• Consumer behavior
• Concept test
• Product tests
• Packaging test
• Small markets or those with difficult access to which sampling techniques cannot be applied.
• Car clinic Test
• IHUT (in home usage testing) –
• CLT (Central location testing)

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