Jefferson Davis

Research & Marketing

market check

We satisfy organizations that operate in highly competitive markets and require concrete and reliable information on both their products/services and those of their competitors.

Years with systematic projects

Division specialized in the mystery shopping technique

Broad coverage
A team of coordinators and Mystery Shoppers residing in surveyed area.
• Latin American Coverage
Exclusive sector
• With specialized professionals.
• Exclusive Fieldwork department for the sector.
Market research speciaists
• Use of market research tools for the analysis of results.
• Quality standards applied throughout the process.
Selection and training of mystery shoppers
• Broad base of Mystery Shoppers.
Training conducted by our fieldwork team, to ensure the correct attitude and involvement for each particular situation under study.
Reliable and real time data through dynamic reports

Daily, weekly, monthly, consolidated, web based reports.

Technology at the service of the technique
• Personalized Web support for visualization of results.
• Hidden camera
Lets evaluate
  • Significant aspects of the moment of exchange between the company and the client.
  • The situation of inquiry or consultation.
  • Attention / sale / use.
  • Monitoring
  • Infrastructure, logistics, price.
  • The experience with the company

We have a team of professionals committed and available to help our clients achieve their goals.




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