Jefferson Davis

Research & Marketing

survey urbano

Division dedicated to satisfying companies and institutions in their research requirements related to the consumption of the population in general

Track record and experience
• We have been conducting Urban Survey research studies for massive as well as selective markets from the very beginning.
• Specialized in non-traditional and complex markets.
• Wide experience in the Automotive Industry.
It all has to do with the researcher
• Commitment and involvement with clients’ commercial objectives, providing support throughout the research.
• Flexibility and availability.
• Aiming at meeting objectives, tools, such as data collection techniques, or a mix of these are selected, as well as innovative analysis techniques.
Quality and in-depth analysis
• Quality controls are reinforced throughout the different process stages.
• An in-depth analysis provides solutions and recommendations to assist decision making processes.
Fieldwork coverage
• Broad fieldwork coverage reaching the entire country.
• Reach and experience in Latin American countries.
Inhouse fieldowrk and systematization departments
• Inhouse fieldwork team that coordinates and trains our staff of interviewers.
• Inhouse Call center
• Editing, coding, data processing and statistic analysis are all conducted through our inhouse teams with vast experience in the company.
Specialists in Automotive Mystery Shopping

We have a team of professionals committed and available to help our clients achieve their goals.




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